PhD in Human Rights from the University of Palermo (Italy). Professor of Law and “Ramón y Cajal” Research Fellow at the Faculty of Social Science of Nebrija University in Madrid. I have teaching and research experience in Spanish and foreign institutions, including the University of Palermo, University of California-Berkeley, Center for Human and Social Sciences of CSIC, Center for Political and Constitutional Studies of Madrid, UNED, Complutense University and University Carlos III of Madrid. My research is located within critical studies of law and public policies. It covers human rights at the intersection between gender equality and cultural diversity and explores the material and discursive conflicts that are articulated around these two fundamental axes. My research have been published in hight impact scientific journals such as Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesLaw & Society ReviewPolicy and Society, Journal of Comparative Policy AnalysisGlobal Jurist or Migration Letter. I am the author of the monograph Multicentered Feminism (Compostampa 2009) and edited the volumes Identity and Migration in Europe (Springer 2015), Igualdad de género y no discriminación en España (CEPC 2016), Challenging the Borders of Justice in the Age of Migrations (Springer 2019).